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Mitel 5000   

  From the Attendant Telephone (usually Station 100)  

While on-hook, enter "9800" for Set Date/Time feature.   The current date will display.

Press "#" to skip. To change, use keypad to enter the month, day and year (010305=January 3, 2005).
The new date will display.

Use keypad keys to enter the time in hours and minutes (0900 = 9:00).

If the system is set for 12-hour format, the display will show SELECT AM OR PM (AM=1 PM=2).   Select 1 or 2.

The display reads, "SYSTEM DATE AND TIME UPDATED".

The above procedure is the manufacturer's recommended method for changing time and date.   Foneco Business Systems
cannot be held responsible for failures in function or equipment that result from user programming errors.   Any
repairs needed to correct such failures in hardware and/or software will be performed at our regular rate.

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