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Telephone Network Services LCR 
 Least Call Routing

Least Call Routing

A Simple Solution to Call Processing

Least Call Routing is a dynamic software enhancement that acts as an automatic call routing tool. The software is a proprietary product of Inter-Tel and an annual renewal fee is required. The specifications of the software are designed and based on your company's telecommunication needs. Only the particular carriers and special services you request are programmed in the database.

As a dynamic, tariff-driven software, LCR automatically routes every out-bound call to the least expensive carrier or special service your company is currently accessing for out-bound traffic. (If placing out-bound calls is important to your business, LCR usage is recommended to maximize cost savings potential.)

The LCR package automatically selects the least expensive service your company has selected. LCR will also automatically predial access codes and route to dedicated line services, if applicable. In order for you to derive the maximum benefit for your LCR program, we offer quarterly and annual updates to maintain your software with accurate prevailing data. With each remote update, any changes to tariff rates, area codes and exchanges will be implemented. Carriers often institute rate changes and the database updates ensure that this vital costing information remains current. LCR is often used in conjunction with the Call Accounting software enhancement. With Call Accounting, your company can print a daily/weekly report listing all calls generated - each with a designated cost value. LCR is the software module responsible for furnishing dollar values for each call.

In the future, your business calling patterns will inevitably change, and LCR can accommodate new requirements. The program can be reworked to reflect changes of carriers, additions of specialized services and other modifications that may help you keep your telecommunications costs as low as possible.
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