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Inter-Tel Leasing

Flexible Financing Inter-Tel's flexible financing programs enable customers to acquire their communications systems, applications, services AND financing from a single source. With Inter-Tel's Lease Programs, customers can acquire a total solution at a fixed monthly cost, making advance technology affordable.

Inter-Tel's Service Programs

Inter-Tel's Service Programs provide a rental option for companies that want state-of-the-art technology, full service and support, and protection from the risks associated with equipment ownership, in one monthly payment. Our Service Program customers receive full system maintenance and training, fixed cost equipment expansion and upgrade provisions, risk of loss provisions, and guaranteed renewal options. Inter-Tel manages the risks and responsibilities of ownership, enabling customers to focus their time and resources on growing their business. Additional financial services include Lease Purchase financing, customized financing packages and new business leases for customers with special financial needs. Lease terms range from 36 to 60 months with both $1.00 and fair market value purchase options available.

Why Choose Leasing?

The advantages of leasing in today's business environment are many. Leasing protects businesses against rising costs and technical obsolescence.

Future Considerations
  • Leasing acts as a "hedge against inflation." Lease payments are fixed for the full term of the lease and, therefore, not subject to inflationary increases. New equipment obtained today is paid for with tomorrow's dollars.
  • A fixed lease payment enables you to effectively budget and manage the acquisition of capital equipment.
  • At the end of the lease, you may choose to exercise the agreed upon purchase option or simply return the equipment.
  • Leasing offers you the most manageable and economical way of keeping up with evolving technologies.
Cash Considerations
  • A lease payment may include installation charges or other related out-of-pocket expenses. Down payments are seldom required. Usually, a check for the first month's payment in advance is all that is needed to begin the lease.
  • Any bank lines or other lines of credit stay intact when your business leases. Leasing helps establish additional credit resources for your business.
  • Current working capital is not used, which allows your business to use the cash for other investments or possible expansion.
Tax Considerations
  • A lessee may be able to deduct the entire monthly lease payment as an operating expense, which can lower the after-tax cost.
  • If the lease term is shorter than the standard depreciation period for the equipment, the lessee may be able to take an accelerated write-off.
  • Leasing can help avoid the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). Buying a capital asset would produce accelerated depreciation, which can trigger the AMT.
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Through its lease programs, Inter-Tel Leasing, Inc. provides customers the comfort of predictable monthly costs and a direct long-term relationship with Inter-Tel. For further details on Inter-Tel's Lease Programs, you can use our Request for Information form, or you can call Foneco BSI: (972) 288 7070.

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