Panasonic KX-TD308 Telephone System
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Panasonic KX-TD308 Telephone System
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 Panasonic KX-TD308 Telephone System Panasonic KX-TD308 Digital Super Hybrid Phone System
The Panasonic KX-TD308 is the perfect choice for a small business or residence in search of full digital integration. The KX-TD308 is initially configured for 3 COs and 12 stations (8 digital, 4 SLT). An additional 4 XDP ports can be activated by adding the KX-T30870 for a maximum configuration of 3 COs, 16 extensions (8 digital stations, 8 SLT).

Caller ID Compatibility
Caller ID compatibility displays the incoming caller's phone number, or name and number, when used with a Panasonic system display phone. The system can automatically match a caller's number with a previously stored name, and display that name on the LCD screen of the telephone.

Caller ID Compatibility to Single-Line Telephone/Devices
Caller ID information can even be displayed on a single-line consumer telephone/device connected to the system (limited to one device).

Call Forwarding Versatility
Incoming, intercom, and transferred calls to your extension can be forwarded when you are on the phone or away from your desk. Calls can be directed to our mailbox, to another phone, even forwarded outside to reach you anywhere in the world, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Flexible CO Line Buttons
The Central Office (CO) line buttons of each telephone in the system can be individually programmed to suit the specific needs of each of your employees. You can alternately program CO line buttons for Direct Station Selection (DSS)/Busy Lamp Field (BLF), automatic dialing, or one-touch access to the feature used most often.

Day/Night Service
The Panasonic KX-TD308 system will automatically switch between day service and night service at a programmed time every day.

Distinctive Ring
You can program up to 8 different ring tones for the digital phones, giving phones in different areas or rooms a distinctive ring.

PC-Based Programming
Programming the KX-TD308 Super Hybrid System via PC makes administration simple and efficient. Optional PC software is required. System programming data can be stored on a floppy disk for back-up.

Toll Restriction
The KX-TD308 Super Hybrid System can be programmed to prohibit unauthorized outgoing long distance calls by restricting certain extensions from accessing specified area codes or exchanges.

Automatic Redial
At the touch of one button, the phone automatically redials the last number dialed. It helps you get through to that busy party while you are doing other things.

Door Phone & Door Opener
The KX-TD308 Super Hybrid System comes standard with an interface for one door intercom (KX-TD30865) and one door contact closure for remote operation of electric door locks. It's an ideal way to add security to your home or small business suite.

Also Features...

  • Proprietary Cordless Phone Integration Cordless Phones

  • DISA with Fax Detection (requires KX-TD30891 card)

  • Electronic Station Lock
Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR)
The KX-TD308 is a digital super hybrid phone system that is initially configured for 3 C.O. Lines (Central Office Outside Lines), and 12 stations (8 Digital Speakerphones and 4 SLT circuits). An additional 4 XDP ports can be activated by adding the KX-T30870 for a maximum configuration of 3 COs, 16 extensions (8 Digital Speakerphones and 8 SLT devices).

The first 4 "Digital" Telephone Jacks allow for "XDP" (eXtra Device Port), integration
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