Norstar Integrated Communications Systems
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Norstar Integrated Communications Systems 

Norstar Integrated Communications Systems

Norstar Integrated Communications Systems offer a portfolio of telephone/key systems, with solutions for small-to-medium businesses and branch offices, and is expandable from 1 to 272 ports. Every Norstar Integrated Communications System (ICS) is a fully digital platform that brings all of your communications together right at your desktop - including fax, e-mail, computer, and telephone.

Products in Portfolio:

Norstar Compact 3x8
Designed for small businesses, the Norstar Compact 3x8 system offers up to three lines and eight telephone extensions. It supports voicemail and automated attendant.

Norstar Compact Integrated Communications System (CICS)
Norstar Compact ICS supports voice mail, automated attendant, computer telephony integration (CTI), and small call center. A flexible building-block design expands from 4x8 (4 lines, 8 extensions) to 8x24 capacity.

Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System (MICS)
Norstar Modular ICS supports up to 272 ports in multiple configurations, including up to 60 Companion wireless telephones. It also supports advanced applications, such as voice messaging, unified messaging, digital networking, and basic and enhanced call centers.

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