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Encore Telephone System by Inter-Tel 
The Encore by Inter-Tel provides small, growing organizations with a business phone system that has the features and benefits you might have thought were available only in a big, expensive PBX.

The Encore system is highly intuitive to use, so your training time is minimized. Incoming calls are handled efficiently and effectively.

The Encore system helps your small business project the style and level of professionalism you and your customers demand at a surprisingly affordable price.

Critical Applications Supported
 Encore Telephone System by Inter-Tel
  • Cost-Effective, Full-Featured Phone System
  • Simple Interface to Features
  • Scaleable Up to Eight Lines and 18 Extensions
  • Intuitive and Functional Feature Phone
  • System Architecture Supports Standard Analog Devices
  • Integrated Voice Messaging Option (18 mailboxes - 320 minutes of voice storage)
  • Easy to Program and Maintain - on Site or Remotely
Easy to Use, Easy to Own

Advanced engineering allows the Encore system to virtually think for itself. Depending upon the situation, the large, intuitive display on the feature phones brings the most relevant options to the top of the menu. Besides the feature phones, the system allows you to utilize standard analog phones at some stations keeping your investment in equipment proportional to your current needs, while allowing for future enhancement. In addition to a rich complement of features, this system offers comprehensive affordability with low initial costs, as well as low installation, training and maintenance costs.

Advanced Management Capabilities

For outbound call distribution purposes, the alternate routing feature enables calls to be directed over particular lines depending upon the digits dialed. You can also restrict certain types of calls such as outgoing international calls. There are multiple levels of toll restriction for each extension, which can be customized for both day and night services. These are just a few of the many "big system" features you will enjoy with the affordable Encore system. Considering the importance of fast, trouble-free communication for success today, there's not a better investment you could make in your small organization
Small Investment, Big Features

This system is loaded with features that will improve the productivity of your business. You not only get internal and external paging capability, but you also get "meet me" page which allows pages to be retrieved from any telephone on the system. The system attends to your waiting customers with a friendly courtesy message. At Inter-Tel, we understand your desire to provide your customers with the highest level of service. To enable incoming call distribution, the station hunting feature presents calls to the next available extension within a group. Calls are evenly distributed between the extensions in the group to ensure that your customers receive the attention they require. And, with Encore's call pick-up group feature, extensions can be placed in one of four pick-up groups and each extension in the group can answer all calls ringing at any other phone in the group. The voice messaging module emulates an answering machine by allowing you to monitor messages while they are being recorded to voicemail. If important callers are leaving messages, you can now instantly retrieve the calls or listen to urgent messages real time .
Your Connection to the Future

Inter-Tel is at the forefront of exploration and implementation of the advantages of Computer Telephony and voice and data convergence via the Internet. We will continue to be a leader in creating opportunities to bring together telephone and computer technologies in ways that will shape future communications.

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