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Eclipse2 Telephone System by Inter-Tel 
The Eclipse by Inter-Tel is a flexible, scalable, integrated communications system that meets all the challenges you face in building your business. Eclipse provides tightly integrated voice processing technology, IP telephony functionality and transparent networking throughout your organization - from fewer than 32 communications devices up to 40,000 in up to 63 different locations. With the Eclipse, you will have performance, dependability and seamless expansion capabilities. Plus, you will have the ability to adapt to the newest technology without interrupting your growing business - allowing you to protect your investment. Inter-Tel's Eclipse software-based, open-architecture communications converged solution maximizes your competitive advantage-now and in the future. We design our systems so that yesterday's phones work on our current platform as well as tomorrow's. Eclipse also supports the IDS platform, allowing a smooth migration to the latest Inter-Tel communication technology without replacing all of the phones you originally purchased.

Critical Applications Supported Advanced Features
  • Transparent Networking
  • Integrated Voice Processing
  • Unified Messaging Solutions
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Call Center Solutions
  • Auto Attendant
  • Videoconferencing
  • Windows-Based Administration
  • Computer Telephony (CT) Integration
  • CT Standards-TAPI, CSTA
  • Compatible Migration for IMX Phones
  • Remote Station Monitoring
  • Record-A-Call
  • Do-Not-Disturb
  • Menu Driven Soft Keys
  • Remote Station Programming
  • Re-direct Ringing Calls
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Flexible Call Forwarding
  • Recover Deleted Voice Messages
  • Return Calls While in Voice Mail
  • Multi-Lingual Prompts
  • Reminder Messages
Eclipse Delivers on the Promise of Internet Voice Communication

The Eclipse system's full range of IP Telephony solutions provide your business with IP voice communication functionality. Whether you need to connect several phones in an office; hundreds of phones in a building or on a campus; off-site or telecommuting associates; even offices across the country or around the world, we have you covered. Utilizing our IP Phones and networking products, you can customize an effective, cost-efficient solution to boost communications productivity. IP applications are supported in a hybrid implementation so that you can run traditional and IP telephony on the same system simultaneously. And, when you migrate to full IP, you'll have complete backwards compatibility.
The Right Solution - Today and Tomorrow

With Eclipse, all call processing functions operate transparently across the entire network. You can send and respond to inter-station messages, use a centralized attendant, have customer service agents located in different offices and much more. It's transparent interoffice communications, across town or across the country. Your customers are quickly routed to the best person to help them-in Boston, Seattle, or any location.
Your Connection to the Future

Inter-Tel is at the forefront of exploration and implementation of the advantages of Computer Telephony and voice and data convergence via the Internet. We will continue to be a leader in creating opportunities to bring together telephone and computer technologies in ways that will shape future communications.

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